Pacific Crest Merino Wool Crew Sock

Pacific Crest Merino Wool Crew Sock


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Merino Wool Crew Sock

The Pacific Crest Trail follows the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges for 2,663 miles from Mexico to Canada, passing through seven national parks and 25 national forests in California, Oregon and Washington. First proposed in 1932 by hiker Clinton C. Clarke, YMCA volunteers mapped the trail and worked with the federal government to help finish it in 1993. Some hikers claim the pacific Crest Trail as the most scenic trail in the United States. Pendleton’s banded stripe pattern pays homage to this scenery with motifs of a forested trail passing through the rugged mountains.

Reinforced heels and toes. Machine wash, Made in USA. UK Size 6-12.


Our socks are suitable for UK sizes 6-12.