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Bear Sweater


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Pendleton Bear Sweater - Star Guardian

Our Pendleton Bear Sweater is the perfect winter woolly jumper. The style is a modified Fair Isle knit that artfully incorporates our Pendleton DNA in the bear motif from our Star Guardian muchacho blanket, who's story is below.

Star Guardian

Crossed arrows stand for brotherhood and the setting aside of conflicts. A peaceful evening has come to the prairie. It is time to light the fires and draw together in the warmth of the fire circle. As logs crackle and flames flicker, stories rise on the night air. Stories of bravery and victory in battle. Stories of stealth and bounty in the hunt. Stories of tricksters and their clever magic. As they share their legends, the People are safe and warm in their tepees. Above it all shines Bear, the great guardian of the night skies.

Classic 3gg Shetland crew with our Star Guardian bear pattern.

Hand washable, 100% Shetland wool.